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Welcome to BCC Sydney

Pastor Letter for May 2016

Dear Members and Friends

Thank you Jesus for the month of April which was full of excitement and blessings to our church and all other churches in our connection. The highlight of April is of course the Adelaide ANZ Burmese Christian churches combined camp. We thank God for Adelaide Jesus Family Church Pastor paul Kai Pu and all the members for hosting us there. We thank God for Ko Kyaw kyaw and his management and leadership team for making things possible with no complaints, the theme of this year camp was ďI am the Alpha and the OmegaĒ all three main speakers Rev Mung Tawn , Rev Sai Kyaw tint and Saya Ko Ktwe spoke well on the subject and brought lots of encouragements and challenges, we are also thankful for three of our English speakers for youth sessions, Pastor john, Pastor Matthew and Pastor Steven Htut for their commitment and blessings they brought to our new generation. Ma Janet and Sunday school team looked after 50 kids without any major incident. Thank you all for your support and prayers has been answered with huge great result. Sydney team and all other team worked in unity and lead by the Holy Spirit and we all can say Amen.

This month ďMayĒ we will celebrate Mothersí Day on the second week, and they deserve our thankfulness and that will be our privilege to serve them and make them feel special. Jesus Himself didnít neglect his responsibility to care for Mother Mary even in his last hours on the cross. We can reflect and rejoice with mothers near and far and for those who nolonger have their earthly mothers they can have sweet memories on this very special mothersí day 2016.

God is good to us as we focus on our church fivefold ministries this month it comes to SYNA (Serve Your Neighbor Australia), we will have our mission awareness fundraising dinner on May 14th Saturday evening and preparations are well under way with presentation, invitation, catering and distribution of tickets. It is so exciting to receive good reports from Lashio Agape mission clinic and Sittway Alpha and omega clinics reaching out to the community with medical and spiritual care. Saya Dany and Rev Ai Nap are working hard with their teams. Our God is a missionary God who sent His son Jesus to safe all sinners we are representatives of His mission and ministries to be fulfilled until He comes. God bless you all and get excited to reach out to the world and stand for the truth of the gospel and shine His light in this broken world. We exist to celebrate Godís presence, demonstrate His grace in missions and educate Godís people with His unchanging covenant love and peace. Have a very blessed mission focus month and count more of godís blessings. Amen.

In Christ, Shane khin (Pastor Burmese Christian Church Sydney)


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April 2016 Praise Points

  • Praise God all cell groups are starting for 2016 semester two.
  • Praise for Pastors and leaders of church and sub committees to have lots of love and practice grace and peace in every areas of their lives.
  • Praise God for Adelaide, ANZ Burmesese Churches combined camp went well with 300 attendance and 3 inspirational speakers for Burmese and 3 for English speaking youth, Ko Kyaw Kyaw and team showed great leadership and glorify God’s name as they served well.
  • Thank God for for SYNA, clinics in Lashio and Sittway up and running with good spirit and also good response from Sittay community to educate more students being added to study.
  • Praise God for Ma Joyce Tun healing from her sickness, U Ko Ko Lwin diabetes under control and U Tin Aye is getting better in Jesus name.
  • Praise God for our church renovation almost complete and praise God for Steven Win Htut has been appointed as a student pastor to look after our youth ministries.
  • Praise god  for Brother Moon, Brother Chris, David Song of (MCMC) and Saesoon Church medical team 27 of them outreaching Yangon slums areas and they are enjoying the trip very much

May 2016 Prayer Points

  • Pray for Canberra Outreach 0n May 7th will be successful.
  • Pray for God’s blessings on BCC cell groups and Bible studies will be lead by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for CMF team visit to Sydney and the whole Australia will be a great blessings for churches and themselves.
  • Pray for SYNA first fund raising dinner will be successful and to make good connection with people of missions.
  • Pray for church unity and spiritual maturity to be able to preach, teach, disciple and serve in jesus name.
  • Pray for healings for those who are going through treatments and pain and suffering.
  • Keep on praying for Burma for the political and social harmony under the leadership of the new government.
  • Pray for safe and successful return of Saesoon church Myanmar out reach team.
  • Pray for Day Khin Lay Myaing, , U ko Ko Lwin and Daw kyi Kyi Win family to keep on growing into Christ.
  • Pray for our new Student pastor Win Htut and family to serve the Lord with more wisdom and strength.
  • Pray for visiting pastors this month Saya Sai Kyaw Tint, Saya Rupert and CMF team to enjoy fellowship and God’s presence.
  • Pray for couples that going through difficulties in relationship will find reconciliation in Jesus name.
God is great...God is good...God is wonderful.
"Give thanks to the lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalms 118:1
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