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Welcome to BCC Sydney

Pastor Letter for October 2015

Dear Members and Friends

September 2015 started with rain and freshness beautiful flowers green grasses lots of freshness lively environment in Sydney and singing how great thou art in our worship time bring us new inspiration in reflection of the wonder of our God. Our family camp this year from October 2-4 was a significant one with well attended from church members and surrounding Christian friends form Wagga Wagga, Wollongong and Canberra altogether men, women and children about 200 people attended. We congratulate Ko Pea, Ko Soe Soe and all organizing team members who worked hard to put things in order and make things happened. Saya Zaw Minís lectures and all his sharing touched all Christian family needs, I believe many not only just received information but truly transformed live. Singles can hope in the Lord, married can see fulfillment in the word of God and family are blessed by trusting and obeying the promises of God in the Bible and grandparents can bless their generation with teaching, praying and encouraging according to the blessings form the scriptures.

Blessings for generations to come starts with the fear and the reverence of the worshiping father who has faith in God, we all are experiencing violence, immorality, unbelief of the word of God and all kinds of hopelessness in relationships and abusive behavior in our modern society, people become self-centered, arrogant, lack of respect for self and others and all of this rooted in no fear of God and not acknowledging the existence and authority of God in their lives but the Bible says in Psalm 128:1 Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, Who walks in His ways.

This is the key to all of the blessings that follows, people are working harder due to all kinds of demands and a very competitive global market, however there are many who canít benefit any of their hard works and ended in a miserable lives. However that is not the case in this Psalm as it says in verse 2 You will get what you work for. You will enjoy the Lordís blessings, and all will go well for you. That is the promise and the true outcome of those who fear and respect the Lord.

Also in todayís many families experiencing broken relationship, bitter separations and harsh divorce for the lack of taking Godís authority and covenant seriously. In verse 3-4 it says Godís blessings is at home for those trust and respect Him ď At home, your wife will have many children, like a vine full of grapes. The children around your table will be like an orchard full of olive trees. 4 Yes, the Lord will really bless those who respect him. And finally Godís blessings follows their generation as Verse 6 says ďAnd may you live to see your grandchildren.Ē Blessings and grace belongs to those who trust and honor and fear God and they can see in their work, their home and in their generations.

Now and forever. Amen


In Christ, Shane khin (Pastor Burmese Christian Church Sydney)


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News & Events

September 2015 Praise Points

  • Praise God for Special Fathers’ Day service and all other services including Wagga Wagga outreach went well.
  • Praise God for the bible studies at church with Saya Myatt and Saya Zaw Min during September.
  • Thank God for God’s healing hands touching Stephanie, Ma Joyce, Uncle Alec and Ko Kyi Thar Hein, Aunty DAw Khin Lay Myaing.
  • Thank God for our church all cell groups focusing on growth and Christian maturity to reach out to the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Praise God for good response with Burma flood donation collection as we set aside $ 10000, to support flood victims through responsible channels.
  • Praise God for the registration of our church mission wing (Serve Your Neighbor Australia SYNA) also a successful fundraising at Auburn festival .and 2022 church new building project.
  • Thank God for Saya Ko Ko Lwin, Aunty DAw Khin Lay Myaing and DAw Kyi Kyi Win as they are ready to do Christianity explain bible studies.
  • Thank god for all sub committees willing to pray together on Sunday mornings 9:00 to 9:45 prayer time.
  • Thank God for the successful 2015 family camp at Yarrabah Conference center.

October 2015 Prayer Points

  • Pray for God’s help and guidance all BCC cell groups to keep on growing into maturity in Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit .
  • Pray for complete healing for stepanie, Joy Joy. Ma Joyce, Ko Doo, U Alec Krasu , Daw Sein Than, Ko Khin Maung Htwe(Perth), Aunty Gladis(Houston) to be in good health .
  • Pray for your unsaved friends to receive Jesus in their lives through BCC ministry this year.
  • Keep praying for Burma and all world troubled places France, Israel, USA, Syria Iraq,Myanmar refugees, IDP and 2015 election, and sick children around the world..
  • Pray for Burmese fellowship who are in connection with BCC, Wollongong, Wagga, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, Coffs Harbour.
  • Pray for SYNA and 2022 BCC Syd church building projects.
  • Pray for those who are having HSC exams from now on.
  • Pray for Christians in Burma to be wise and holy to handle all the conflicts with others.
  • BCC members and friends to worship the Lord well, love one another and love the Lord with all their hearts, BCC to evangelize well, learn well and serve the Lord well.
  • Pray for Saya George Kwek, Ko Marshall in their mission works to be happy in the Lord.
God is great...God is good...God is wonderful.
"Give thanks to the lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalms 118:1
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